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The Bendheim Gallery 
Hosts major exhibitions every six weeks. The selection process of local, 
established, and emerging artists is overseen and hung by the gallery curator Tatiana Mori.
299 Greenwich Avenue . Greenwich, CT 06830 .  P 203.862.6750 F 203.862.6753 .
Bendheim Gallery Hours:
Mon - Fri 10am to 5pm
Sat & Sun Noon to 4pm
Admission is Free

Currently at the Bendheim Gallery 
21st EDITIONS: The Art of the Book ®
The Master Collection of Word, Image & Artisan Bindings

May 3 - 29, 2015

This exhibition of the 21st Editions Master Collection of Image, Word, and Artisan Bindings showcases for the first time publicly this unprecedented collection of livres d'artistes published between 1999-2015. Each title is constructed by hand in New England. 21st Editions, unique to history, is showcasing and offering for sale one of only ten complete collections, which is made up of 56 objets d’art and includes 539 bound prints and 244 loose prints, each signed by the artists. 

In 1999, the Wall Street Journal Leisure & Arts section featured the press (1/28/99) “In Stieglitz’s Footsteps,” referring to Alfred Stieglitz, the founder of Modern art and Modern photography. While Stieglitz’s journal, Camera Work(1903-1917), was groundbreaking and set the stage for photography as an art form, 21st Editions picked up where he left off. 

John Wood, 21st Editions Editor between 1998-2014, has shaped a collection of images, poetry and literature unsurpassed in its representation and interpretation of photography as art in the 20th and 21st centuries. New texts and poetry were commissioned by unexpected contributors to “broaden the dialogue on photography” with the likes of Pulitzer-Prize winning authors Edward Albee, Robert Olen Butler, Annie Dillard, and Adam Johnson, as well as U.S. Poet Lauriet, Richard Wilbur and many, many others. Harvard’s John Stauffer, and previous contributor to the press, is the newly appointed Editor.

Through the art of the book, founders Steven Albahari and John Wood also recognize and pay homage in this unique collection to William Morris, who founded not only the Arts and Crafts Movement, but also the Kelmscott Press and whose Kelmscott Chaucer (1896) is commonly recognized as the beginning of the fine-press book movement. Each of the fifty-six 21st Editions productions is a work of art, a performance piece, and something to be reckoned with through the intellectual, tactile, and visual senses. Each objet d’art - its presentation and content - becomes a center of conversation and an interactive treasure. 

Please Join Us for a Cocktail Reception 
to celebrate the newest creations:

Worlds Apart & Todd Webb: New York, 1946
As part of one of only ten complete collections extant

Thursday, May, 14 from 6 to 9PM
at the Greenwich Arts Council
Bendheim Gallery | 2nd FL

Conversations with the artisans involved in these books at 7:00 PM
Moderated by Paul Master-Karnik, Executive Director of GAC