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The Bendheim Gallery 
With over 2,000 square feet of exhibition space in the heart of downtown Greeniwch, the Bendheim Gallery hosts major exhibitions every six weeks. The selection process of local, established, and emerging artists is overseen and hung by the gallery curator Tatiana Mori.
J.D. Durrans |  Adam Handler | Fabio Mesa | Michael Thron |  Hans Stoll  | Varda Yoran
May 26 - June 16, 2016
EXISTENTIAL brings together six artists working in a variety of media – sculpture, photography, painting – who choose to focus their art on the human condition. They share a somewhat philosophical approach to man’s place in the universe, both from the perspective of what an individual can expect to control and what is inevitably imposed by external conditions. While speculation about these ideas is as old as civilization itself, the twentieth century brought a new precision to “existentialism” as a more concrete literary and philosophical movement in which we all participate.

Perhaps the most consistent theme pervading the work of all these artists’ is the idea of struggle, and the human effort to establish a particular precense in the world. Other works in the show feature artists representing ways that various people have come to express their identity in the world, frequently through religious belief. 
Fabio Mesa
Adam Handler
J.D. Durrans
Hans Stoll