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An Unexpected Approach
Ceramics, Textiles, Baskets and Sculptures

September 16 - November 4, 2016
at the Bendheim Gallery

This major international exhibition presents over 60 works by 23 artists from Japan and Korea and their American counterparts who have been influenced by their art. Included are artists who have built on centuries of inherited Asian aesthetic and technical traditions, as well as artists who have appropriated these traditions from a wide vocabulary of contemporary sources. 

Heavely influenced by Korea and Japan: “An Unexpected Approach”, curated by browngrotta, who are among the foremost experts on this subject. The exhibition includes select works of ceramics, textiles, baskets and sculptures. The 23 artists in this exhibit have a close relationship to a traditional, culturally associated craft aesthetic, manifested in a contemporary manner. They have chosen conventionally Asian materials and/or techniques (dyes, papers, gold leaf, persimmon tannin, kategami) used in both time-honored and unconventional ways.

The ritualistic studies by Hiroyuki Shindo, for example on the vanishing art of natural indigo dyeing, and by Jun Tomita on the subtlety of kasuri, or ikat, dyeing; Jennifer Linssen’s innovative sculptures of katagami, and Keiji Nio’s Interlacing-R which references complex Japanese sumihimo braiding but uses nylon tapes instead of threads, thus increasing scale by a factor of hundreds. All these artists expand traditional methods of working. Even more experimental is the work of Masakazu Kobayashi, Naomi Kobayashi, Naoko Serino and Toshio Sekiji, who create new relationships among disparate material and techniques. In other works, like Kiyomi Iwata’s Auric Gold Fold, Glen Kaufman’s Shimogamo Scrolls: Studio View II and Jin-Sook So, Pojagi Constructions I and II, gold and silver leaf play a role, their luster and longevity suggesting immortality, power, divinity. All these artists share a concern for surface and for the interactions of materials, such as Chiyoko Tanaka’s Grinded Fabric-Three Squares Blue Threads and Blue #689, of linen distressed with earth and stones and Hideho Tanaka’s Vanishing and Emerging series of stainless steel and singed paper.

The work of each of these artists is formal and contained, and it visibly involves the hand 
of the artist maker.

This show is a collaboration between the Greenwich Arts Council and browngrotta Arts.
​Artists participating in this exhibition are:

Nancy Moore Bess (United States)
Kiyomi Iwata (Japan)
Glen Kaufman (United States)
Masakazu Kobayashi (Japan)
Naomi Kobayashi (Japan)
Yasuhisa Kohyama (Japan)
Kyoko Kumai (Japan)
Jennifer Falck Linssen (United States)
Keiji Nio (Japan)
Toshio Sekiji (Japan)
Hisako Sekijima (Japan)
Naoko Serino (Japan)
Hiroyuki Shindo (Japan)
Jin-Sook So (Korea/Sweden)
Norkiko Takamiya (Japan)
Chiyoko Tanaka (Japan)
Hideho Tanaka (Japan)
Takaaki Tanaka (Japan)
Jun Tomita (Japan)
Mariyo Yagi (Japan)
Chang Yeonsoon (Korea)
Jiro Yonezawa (Japan)
Shin Young-ok (Korea)

Images courtesy of browngrotta Arts
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