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DECONSTRUCTION seeks to link the historical origins of high art with contemporary images and iconography, reinventing modern culture's interpretation of art. Often taking familiar images and objects, these artists apply their own unique contemporary techniques, evocatively testing senses and triggering memories along the way. In a Warhol-esque manner, Takashi Murakami successfully incorporates his themes of historical Japanese prints, into his pop culture images. KAWS promotes ubiquitous comic references, Jim Dine ironically presents utilitarian objects, Thomas Brenner fragments familiar industrial tools, challenging perceptions. Margaret Esme Simon and Peri Schwartz imbue a subtle iconography to simple and irreverent objects. Similarly addressing issues of scale, material and consumerism, Ana de Orbegoso recreates sacred, ancient Peruvian artefacts from fiberglass creating luminescent objects of beauty. By subverting what is historical with what is new, blending and reinventing across a wide range of mediums, a new cultural form is created, bringing with it recognition of the past and adding a new relevance to cultural heritage.
Paintings, Sculptures, Prints and Site-Specific Large Scale Installations

October 11- November 7, 2018
at The Bendheim Gallery

Artists participating in the show: Betty Ball, Thomas Brenner, Anelisa Calmet, Jim Dine, 
Paul DeRuvo, Tom Everhart , Denis Folz, Oscar Garcia, Enrico Isamu Oyama, JADU, KAWS, 
Roy Lichtenstein, Takashi Murakami, Ana de Orbegoso, George Phelps, Ben Quesnel, Peri Schwartz, 
Margaret Esme Simon.
​Paul DeRuvo
 Jim Dine
Anelisa Calmet
 Tom Everhart
 Margaret Esme Simon
Ana de Orbegoso
Oscar Garcia
Takashi Murakami
Peri Schwartz
George Phelps
Enrico Isamu Oyama