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Paintings, prints and sculpture

Through June 12

"This new direction found its beginning long ago in my love for the art of the balanced line. In traditional typography lines are the lifeblood of each typeface. In graffiti, there are few things more satisfying than “throwing” the perfect line. When you are working with spray paint, on a large scale, you only have one shot to make a line that is everything you see in your mind. Executing that line is so much more than its final product; it is your weight placed just so – balanced precariously on the outside of your left foot, it is the stretch of your arm and the following arc that can be likened to that of a prima ballerina or a breakdancer, It is the apex of the wind, the rain, the sun, the wall, the artist, all coming together to make that line. This - my respect, the love, the movement, the passion, the obsession of a line in its purest sense – that is GraffStraction.

In any great love there are moments of harmony, chaos, joy, vibrancy, complexity, silence and simplicity. The pieces in this show are those moments captured, movement and flow and color…all elements that live in graffiti. Sometimes harmonious, sometimes chaotic, they represent my constant journey to be one with the line."
Epic Uno