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During the ultra-romantic Victorian era, flowers were often used as a method of communication where words were often not enough or even allowed. Whether this was in a capacity of romance and intimacy or any of the other abstract languages of the heart; different bouquets arranged with different flowers served the purpose of this type of communication. The artists showcase in this exhibition will take the viewer into their journey of discovery and exploration using Flowers as their main source of inspiration.

FLOWER STORIES seeks the variety of creative ways in which artists render flowers, from traditional still life to old car parts to flower packaging. These works represent how contemporary artists are finding ways to use not only the traditional flower as their main subject matter, but also the packaging and other unusual elements to create the beauty of what flowers represent. 

Artists participating in the show: Eduardo Agelvis, Sarah Balcombe, Jonathan Borofsky, 
Luigi Cazzaniga, Peter Coffeen, Onofre Frias, Jane Goldman, Daniel Inacio, Jeff Koons, 
Laura Lavan, Fabio Mesa, Angel Mieres, Takashi Murakami, Max Neuman, 
Margaret Esme Simon, Eve Suter, Andy Warhol (After), Janine Dunn Wade

Contemporary Artists' Perception of Flowers
Paintings, sculptures, prints, large scale installations

October 15 - November 15, 2017

Peter Coffeen
Margaret Simon
Janine Dunn Wade
Takashi Murakami
Jeff Koons