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Paintings | Photographs | Sculpture          ART inspired by Nature

September 17 - October 29, 2015
From The Ground Up brings together twelve very different artists, who celebrate the idea of “natural growth” in their art in very different ways, both in terms of media and concept. The exhibited works display everything from explicit imagery of plants with their roots below ground and their flowering above, on through more conceptual interpretations of the theme actually composed of real materials such as sticks or bark. Weaving and the tangible filling of space with organic forms is a prominent expression in the show. As sculptor Stephanie Jacques states about her work: “What matters to me is to talk about what is alive. Plants are part of living just as desire, the human body, intuitions, a certain wildness.” 

This same aesthetic is shared by these artists in a great variety of formats and an almost magical intensity 
of image that can viscerally reach the viewer.
DAWN MACNUTT, Timeless Figure
Bronze sculpture (in front of the GAC building)

The GAC is proud to announce that we are partnering with 
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about the process of creating her piece.

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Jane Balsgaard • Laura Cunningham • Stéphanie Jacques   Donald Landsman  Gyöngy Laky •  Dawn MacNutt   John McQueen  • Kyle Norton •   Ángel Mieres  Lizzy Rockwell  •  Hisako Sekijima  •   Masako Yoshida
​Images    Tom Grotta, Courtesy of Browngrotta 
Gala Reception: October 17, 2015 | Arts Alive!