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An Exhibition from the Collection of Aid For Aids 
Paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs

January 18 – February 21, 2018

The Greenwich Arts Council is proud to announce a collaboration with Aid For Aids (AFA). Founded in 1996, AFA is a nonprofit organization committed to empowering both communities at risk of HIV and the general population.

Many experts agree that art is a source of healing. When we look at a piece of art, it shapes and moves how we feel internally. For many of the artists in this exhibition, art is about storytelling, a tool for a narrative of their life and how we may or may not relate to it. This exhibition will showcase 30 works (all for sale) that have been donated by artists to AFA to raise funds for a much needed humanitarian cause. One by One we can make a difference!

Through their medicine redistribution program, AFA has so far provided over $130 million worth of free anti-retroviral medication to over 20,000 people with HIV who lack access to treatment, in 43 developing countries around the world. AFA promotes policy reform and capacity building, and offers preventive education and training, in order to improve quality of life and reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV. They are committed to empowering communities at risk of HIV and the population at large.  

Jeff Koons, Invitation Container, 2013
Bryan Burke, 1990's
Robert Lazzarini, Norton Xmas, 2003